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Find here Michael’s albums as a leader. Compostions and standards, special guests as Stefano Di Battista and Riccardo Del Fra, yound talents as singer Lou Tavano. On this page, you’ll be able to buy directly from Michael his cd’s by way of Paypal or beeing redirected to Itunes store.

We Five quintet feat. Jim Rotondi

An international quintet with trumpeter Jim Rotondi, famous hard bop player from New-york, Andréa Michelutti, Jerry Bergonzi’s drummer.
Contains originals compositions of We five members and arrangements on jazz standards in a criss-cross spirit.
Cover design by Francois Dardelet

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mary ann

Trio live Vol 2 ballads & bossa

Recorded live in Chamonix, in la Maison des artistes march 2016.
Trio with Michel Perez on guitar et Brice Berrerd on Dbass
Ballads and bossa nova.
Usb card where you’ll find more than the only music ! Here are transcriptions ut and Bb from the melodies, goodies and high quality audio format of the music such as Wave, AAc and more.
Design of the credit card : Francois Dardelet

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The night has a thousand eyes
Self Portrait In Three Colors


« trio live vol 1 » is the fourth album as a leader from Michael Cheret. Spontaneity and simplicity definite this live involved into tradition of jazz standards
Cover photo : François Dardelet

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The Third album, intituled « Manaverem » , may 2012, results from a collaboration with great artists such as singer Lou Tavano, Damon Brown on trumpet, a string quartet, on a repertory of jazz standards in personal interpretation, and some originals written for the special voice of the singer.
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Joni's blue sounds
Ana Maria

Together quartet

The fith album is about originals played in quartet with guitar (Thibault Francois) and a super rythm section(Antoine Paganotti et Brice Berrerd). Energy music, within some blues and hard-bop
Cover photo : Francois Dardelet

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In 2002 Michael surrounds with the young cats (Michael Joussein, Airelle Besson, Thomas Grimmonprez) and special guest Riccardo Del Fra (who was Chet bass player for years), for a first album deep into original writing, influenced by Kenny Wheeler who he had the chance to play with during Conservatory years of study.

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Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?
C'est dans la chambre


Michael’s sideman career is rich and eclectic. This is illustrated by the varied discography on this page, from the albums of the excellent pianist Ludovic De Preissac, to the singer Stéphane Séva and the group of funk Tentet au carré.


« Tentet au carré »
Great funky full re-adapted covers band whitch got on fire in clubs in the late 2000. From Beatles to Stevie Wonder with a 7 horns front line.


  • Le 16/08/2018 : Baldet-Cheret quintet à Uriages (38)

    J’ai le plaisir de jouer dans le quintet Baldet-Cheret qui rend hommage au jazz west coast d’Al Cohn - Zoot Sims jusqu’à celui de Scott Hamilton, avec à la rythmique Alain Riondet, Laurent Courtois et Eric Maiorino dans le parc de la ville thermale d’Uriages à 19h le 16 aout- Uriage les bains

  • Le 29/08/2018 : concert des stagiaires à Voiron (38)

    Dans le cadre de mon stage de saxophone de Voiron, voici le concert des stagiaires + jam session ouverte à tous !
    Venez faire la fete avec les stagiaires sax et une rythmique pro.
    Auditorium de TSf, 180 Boulevard de Charavines, 38500 Voiron
    04 76 67 04 05 20h30, Entrée gratuite.

  • Le 30/08/2018 : Avec Francesco Bearzatti à Voiron

    Dans le cadre de mon stage de saxophone de Voiron, voici le concert de notre invité Francesco Bearzatti avec qui j’aurais plaisir à jouer en quintet
    Suivra une jam session ouverte à tous !
    Concert gratuit !! 20h30
    Auditorium de TSf, 180 Boulevard de Charavines, 38500 Voiron
    Possibilité d’assister en auditeur libre à sa master-class à 14h le jour meme, au meme endroit. 15 euros. (envoyez moi un mail)

  • Le 02/09/2018 : Art Pepper +11 festival des vents

    Dans le cadre du festival des vents à Morières lès avignon dimanche 2 septembre.
    Voir aussi l’article que nous avons eu aux Etats-Unis sur notre groupe.

  • Le 03/09/2018 : Vandojam Sunset Paris 3 sept.

    Vandojam hommage à Al Cohn + jam session Sunset jazz club,
    Special guest au premier set : Thomas Ibanez (sax)
    Paris, 60 rue des Lombards métro chatelet. 21h, gratuit. Come by and play !