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Hello sir ;
It was not my intention to be abnoxious.
But i agree with u. sometimes i am fierce, that’s because i’m an impassionate of improvised music.
I feel responsible a little bit.
How i practice ?
I play a tought intrument call the guitar ( humor), fingering plays a very important role, i have to practice in different positions, every scale and argeggios, different fingering too. It takes lot of time to keep oil ;
I think differently on the music i’m working out, the music sometimes give the way to think. for e.g you won’t think the same way when u play Autumn leaves by contrast to Giant Steps. ( i call it cartesian mind)
so i play both scale tone and chords tone. i used to play scale tone a lot before. But i realised i sometimes lose the self consciousness while playing. Now i work out more than 70 percent chords tones and the remaining scale tone.
i work on ideas.
lets take for e.g impression, the D-7 last for 8 * 2 bars i think. i will substitute my chords to it. This is the ability to do this substitution that make the greatest musicain Brecker, Coltrane, Mr Pat Metheny, Mr Chick Corea, and some few more. ( once i hear Mr Pat Metheny said, on an interview, that he can hear all the extensions and the alterations on a particular chords, i don’t believe that, but he is very smart fella, but not a mathematician)
i can’t justify the chords substitution though, anyway it will give birth to a lot of writing i beleive to try to justify it. ( i think it like some guys trying to prove conjectures in maths), that’s what i beleive you were trying to do with Brecker impro.
But i check every axioms in music, it takes lot and lot of time again. and every musicains have to do that.
Sometimes i just play the real book i read and improvised over the chords. it is more quantiy playing than quality playing. We r musicians we r also human, not a machine, we r not perfect ( that’s why i never judge a musician)
There r lot of things to say on my playing. i’ve been playing for 22 years now, all style, i start with gospel to classical, to standard accompagnist , to improvised music. There r things to take in every style and things to live behind.
i don’t wanna become a theorician of music ( i don’t wanna prove conjectures) u r one of that kind i believe, hope u become some George Russell kind of musician someday, maybe u r one already. that’s not the path i have chosen though.
In your endeavour, i wish u the best.

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