Voici la copie du texte de la lettre manuscrite qu’a écrit Sonny Rollins à Coleman Hawkins , en 1962 , suite à un concert de Bean auquel avait assisté Rollins.

Voici la copie du texte de la lettre manuscrite qu’a écrit Sonny Rollins à Coleman Hawkins , en 1962 , suite à un concert de Bean auquel avait assisté Rollins.

My Dear Mr. Hawkins,

Your recent performance at the ’Village Gate’ was magnificent !! Quite aside from the fact that you have maintained a position of dominance and leadership in the highly competitive field of ’Jazz’ for the time that you have, there remains the more significant fact that such tested and tried musical achievement denotes and is subsidiary to personal character and integrity of being.

There have been many young men of high potential and demonstrated ability who have unfortunately not been ’MEN’ in their personal and offstage practices and who soon found themselves devoid of the ability to create music. Perhaps these chaps were unable to understand why their musical powers left them so suddenly. Or perhaps they knew what actions were constructive as opposed to destructive but were too weak and not men enough to command the course of their lives. But certain it is that character, knowledge and virtue are superior to ’MUSIC’ as such. And that ’success’ is relative to the evolution of those qualities within us all. That it has been positive and lasting for you Coleman is to the honor and credit of us, your colleagues, as well as to your own credit. For you have ’lit the flame’ of aspiration within so many of us and have epitomized the superiority of ’excellence of endeavor’ and you stand today as a clear living example for us to learn from.
It has always been a task to explain in words those things which in nature are the most profound and meaningful. Now you have show me why I though so much of you for so long. Godspeed in your travels and may I be fortunate enough to hear you play the tenor saxophone again in person.
Yours truly, Sonny Rollins

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