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You’ll find here a short compilation of my website translated, and links to my video page, cd’s on sale,Yanagisawa artist set-up and Vandoren artist set-up .
Also link to transcriptions page of solos by great players like Sonny Rollins, Michael Brecker, Chris Potter and others…Enjoy.

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Michael CHERET was born in 1974 in France .
He studied saxophone at Paris Superior Conservatory with Francois JEANNEAU and
with Adam Nussbaum, Richie Beirach , Johnny Griffin , Denis Chambers, Daniel Humair, Riccardo Del Fra , Kenny Wheeler…

After being a influent alto sax player in Paris for years , he is nowadays a main tenor sax player in France, givin’ a new soul to his music .
He also plays soprano sax , composes and teaches, and is a Vandoren Artist.
Leader of his new quartet with singer and guitar, for who he writes original songs , words and music, Michael is also sideman next to prestigious French and international musicians like
Ludovic De Preissac, Damon BROWN (trumpet UK) , Franck Lacy (trombone USA) , Stephane Seva (French international crooner) , and many great jazz musicians in France.

4 albums as leader and composer. Have a look at discography page here
Michael also leads for more than ten years the greatest Jam-session in Paris at SUNSET jazz club, in partnership with Vandoren, the VANDOJAM , once a month.
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Set up :

My Borgani Saxophones
I play on Borgani sax for tenor and alto.
My main tenor is a pearl silver model , dark and huge , but I sometime use my pearl gold, more centrated and brighter. These two ones are really powerful, and their pitch is like I never had before, just almost perfect with no correction. Fingering is also really intelligent, and you can easily understand Borgani developed his sax in deep collaboration with great musicians. Here no marketing fantasy, only real needs were considered.
My pearl silver is in my opinion and feeling, a sort of a Conn Chu Berry, big and round, but in tune and with great fingering, perfect balance between past and present. Also the sax is lighter than others, like old ones were.
My alto is a special edition pink gold and silver plated, incredibly powerful, with a huge round sound, that reminds me the King Super 20 1950 I had few years ago. But again in tune and easy fingering, points that made me sell my King finely.

Borgani sax (site web)

I ever you would try Borgani sax around Lyon or Grenoble,just email me !

On soprano I actually play a Yanagisawa 981 with solid silver curved neck. 
I love it for its rich sound, easy fingering and homogeneity. Playing sop becomed quite easy for me with this horn.

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